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He would get "Vahi" inspiration from God , and would speak out spontaneously. All these utterings were written down by His disciples and during this month they were compiled in the form of the holy Quran. It is believed to be a message from God to the humankind.

Hi gud evening Does I get extra SAI BABA UDI - Shri Saibaba Sansthan Temple

Ramzan is considered as a period signifying discipline and declaration of subservience to the laws of God, enumerated in the holy Quran. A Muslim is told to give Sadaqa charity and Fitra alms given during Ramzan to the poor before the Idd prayers and recite Quran intensively during the holy month.

The last 10 days of Ramzaan are more important as the faithful watch for Lailathul Qadr the Night of Power during which the revelation of the book to the Prophet was completed. Observers keep awake all night praying or listening to sermons by Ulema or the high priest. The fasting during Ramzan is mandatory for all healthy adult Muslim men and women.

Those who cannot fast, have to arrange to feed at least one needy person in lieu of the days one missed out on fasting. Fasting is practiced by followers of all religions in one form or other. It is said to enable one to understand the privations of hunger and thirst and be kind to the poor and the needy. Ramzaan is a month of brotherhood, compassion and festivity and the rigor of fasting ends with the celebration of Idd. I have had lot of minor accidents in my Honda Civic car; my car tires were stolen, I banged into other cars while driving during rush hours, etc.

I never felt safe in that car until I put a small murti of Sai Baba in the car. I told my husband that now Sai would take care and save us from any accident. Just this weekend, I was at a red light trying to make a right turn waiting for my turn to go. All of sudden the car right behind me hit my car. However, to my surprise when I got down and checked the car, there was not a single scratch on car and I was fine too. The car behind me had banged me with enough force to create at least a small dent. Nothing like that happened.

This is just one instance in my life where I have experienced Baba's miracle due to complete faith in Him. He will also remind you of any forgotten vow that you made to Him. In the evening, I was disturbed due to some personal problems and felt like praying so I went in my pooja room and sat down to bow in front of God and all of sudden I saw Sai Satcharita and it struck me that I had to start the reading today. I completed my reading and felt better too.

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If you have any doubts and have a wavering faith in Him, I suggest do one complete reading of Sai SatCharita in 7 days and you will see results. Me and my family are a staunch devotee of Sai Baba. In each and every step he is been blessing and showing us the right path. I would like to share my recent experience of his way of blessing us. I am working in a Multi national company. Just two weeks before Diwali I had sent a request to our Head Office in Germany for providing me the Login name and the password for a site to order brochures.

I was following up with them in regular basis but all in vain. Out of the blue in the same Diwali Day i. Out of joy and excitement tears came. I was so curious to know how come they gave me this Password. I immediately sent them a mail asking for it. I got a reply saying that they just pick up words in random. So, in conclusion I came to know that one more way of Baba blessing me especially in the Diwali day.

At Shirdi we saw Baba during the early morning arati. We can't forget feeding milk to the dogs of Shirdi nor buying bread for a few hungry people. We found shirdi was a blessed land where we can distingush from the soil, the fruits. Nehal Desai I am 27 year old and I have been married for four and a half years. I have been trying to get pregnant for the past couple of years.

I was going through many advanced Medical and Infertility Treatments. I went through operation and a lot of pain.

Your Shirdi SaiBaba

I was angry at Baba for not listening to our prayers and upset I had done something wrong and that he was punishing my husband and my family more than me. I asked for help and asked to help me understand what was happening. I had the support of my family and my husband.

******Shirdi Saibaba speaks to you. Unbelievable!*****

I was scared and negative. Yesterday, I found out I was pregnant and I cannot tell you How it feels. I want to ask for forgiveness from Baba. I am so sorry I had lost faith and patience. I love you Baba and I promise I will stay positive. I have heatd from my friend to pray sai baba and he will fulfil your wish. I am praying but I am praying but iam not succeed. Please help me I don't know what to do.

Do sai baba will fulfil my wish? There were times when I would ask Baba to help me, and ask for something specific. He did not answer my prayers for more than 2 years. After which he did.

Shree Sai Baba

But it was not what I asked for. He knew that it was not good for me, and he did not answer my prayer. But surprisingly, he made me meet my husband, and he answered my prayers and we were married. After a year of marriage I got divorced, for no reason whatsoever. The divorce came as a shock and least expected. I wanted to know why that had happened.

Baba , May I Answer By C. B. Satpathy

Is he testing my patience or faith in Him. I want to believe that my ex-husband and I will get back again, because my ex-husband and I still talk with each other. Also Baba had answered my prayers at the time of marriage. But the divorce, has also been unbelievable, that it has made me lose focus on my career, parents, and life.

I try to make believe that Baba is there watching, and that He wont leave my side in these times. But I don't understand, what is happening in my life. Why is it so? What could Baba want of me? Why did he answer my prayers and marry us, and then later get us divorced?

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I keep having these apprehensions and doubts in my own relation with Baba. I am afraid of coming to a point where Baba may not be there for me.