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The Liege created a fake memory of her past, causing her to stumble in a dark world of anonymity. But why? Why did they go through all of that trouble to hide her identity. They believe he has answers to destroy the demons that plague her and to dispell the dark spots blinding her from the truth.

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He hopes coming face to face with the person who ruined her chances for a normal life will provide her a measure of comfort, but he doubts it. An unseen enemy is luring them into a trap. Now that Asia and her mate have returned to the West Virginia compound, Silas reveals a deadly cancer that has been spreading throughout the country in their absence. Certain full-bloods are rebelling against the inclusion of half-breeds and are killing innocent humans in their quest to destroy the newest citizens.


Jasmine and Silas remain united in their goals to keep all pack members safe and invisible from human eyes. Intent on taking what she wants, she wreaks havoc against La Patron by pulling off a major coup and maintaining a secret that renders him almost useless against her. Asia, Angus and Tyrese, along with all 75 KnightForce trainees race against the clock to find the elusive villain. Each specially trained Alpha takes on his last name and wears his crest.

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With the addition of half-breeds, the Nation grew sending a spike in rebel activity. KnightForce, a specially trained group of wolves, was created to assist La Patron against the threat.

As a Cherokee Indian, Ethan Mope has his own set of unique challenges. Blamed and shunned by his brother for the death of their parents, he puts all of his energy into his work in the Marines and then KnightForce. Vanessa Prince just wants to live in peace, teach her students and accept the love of a good man. Easy, right? When Angus arrived on the scene years ago he was accepted into the compound and pledged his service to Silas, La Patron.

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Through the years he made peace with being alone, no mate, no den. The major problem with that scenario is that Jackie has a lifemate, a man whom she loves with her whole heart and who she refuses to betray.

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Garrett, her mate, is wildly searching for her, along with the help of his team of vampires and shifters and two fae princes, Liam and Aedus, who are confident in their success and are looking forward to dealing with the fae traitor themselves. The rescue converges on three fronts, as the battle for Jackie's return takes some surprising twists. When they travel to Los Altos to try to locate three missing teen boys who've gone missing from their werewolf pack, they find themselves in real danger from an unexpected magical source.

As tensions rise, an attack seems imminent. Jackie, a seventeen year old cheetah shapeshifter and Garrett, her vampire lifemate travel to his maker's old villa where he tries to face down the demons of his past. But as soon as they're back at home, the usual craziness kicks in. The Rogues, Inc. Even those with supernatural powers. Jackie knows it isn't enough. Garrett's gone, and Jackie's in charge.

The letter from the Queen of Faerie was a threat. Garrett will die if I fail to deliver my son to the Faerie Court. My closest friends are urging me to do something that goes against all my instincts. Instincts were put there for a reason, right? I'm going with my gut, even knowing what will follow. My fae allies will be furious. I may lose their support. To everyone's shock, he defeats Iada but does not strike the death blow--instead, he extends mercy, thereby claiming her as his mate.

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Mercy has ratings and 20 reviews. Stephanie said: Iada is the strongest warrior among the Yaguara, jaguar shape shifters that live in the Amazon jung. Their mutual distrust serves only to fuel their passion--two champions bested only by their overpowering desire for each other.

But Gabriel has an agenda that threatens the most basic tenets of Yaguara society--and that will force Iada to choose between her people or her King. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Mercy , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. Iada is the strongest warrior among the Yaguara, jaguar shape shifters that live in the Amazon jungle. The Yaguara king has died and a tournament is being held. Iada is poised to be the next queen. All she needs to do is beat the half blood outcast Gabriel and the crown is hers but to every one's surprise, Gabriel bests Iada and by sparing her life he makes her his queen. It isn't long before Iada and Gabriel consummate their mating but their distrust of one another is ever present.

With each enc Iada is the strongest warrior among the Yaguara, jaguar shape shifters that live in the Amazon jungle. With each encounter, some progress is made in their relationship but what Gabriel has in store as king will make Iada choose between her family and her mate. Iada has been under the control of her uncles since her parents died. They wish to see her as queen so they have a puppet to make sure their agendas are taken care of.

Iada knows what her uncles have in store for her but she has known nothing else. That is until Gabriel comes into the picture. Half breeds, half human half jaguar shape shifter, are seen abominations by the Yaguara and are casted out with no support what so ever. Gabriel has fought for the crown so he could change that but not many are happy about him being king.

Iada's uncles have already began planning how to remove Gabriel from the crown permanently and Iada will be forced to pick a side.

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I did not think of Iada as being weak because he uncles controlled and molded her to be what they wanted. She has known nothing else and has no other family besides her sister who was casted out for becoming pregnant by a human. I knew when it came down to making the decision between right and wrong, she would choose the right side. Iada and Gabriel have a difficult time when it comes to trusting each other because how they were raised.

Iada thinks Gabriel has an ulterior motive because no one is that noble and caring. Gabriel thinks that Iada is nothing more than a heartless warrior who happily does what her uncles tell her to. Their physical relationship takes off right away but the trust takes a lot longer. I liked the relationship between these two because it doesn't come easy. Whenever they take one step forward to trusting each other, something pops into their head and they end up taking two steps back.

Both have expect the other to be a certain way because of what they were taught be their people. Barriers are broken down between the two and I thought they made a really strong couple. The Yaguara act as if the half breeds do not exists or don't even acknowledge them. The way these half breeds are treated is horrible and what Iada's uncles do to them made me wish that their own deaths would be drawn out and painful.

The story switches off from being told by Iada and Gabriel but I wished we would have been able to seen through the eyes of the Yaguara and half breeds instead of just being told how they felt. I also would have liked to see what happened to Iada's uncles. They are just taken away and that is it.